Hi-Fi Repairs

Hi Fi Separates and Stereo Systems
We have specialist expertise in servicing and repairing quality hi-fi and audio equipment, from record players to the latest hi-fi components. We can carry out a full service of your Hi-Fi component if it does not seem to behaving itself.

Typical Repair Faults include;

  • No sound or distorted sound
  • Speakers or amplifier channels not working
  • Crackly / scratchy volume control
  • CD tray stuck or not working
  • CD errors – No CD, No disc | disc changer faulty
  • Dead
  • Stuck in Stanby etc.

We’ve experience with quality brands such as Phillips, Sony, LG, Denon, Technics, Marantz, NAIM, Leak, Arcam, A&R, Hi Fidelity, Marantz, Cambridge, Loewe, and many more.